About me

Hi, i'm Mikhael, web developer and software engineer from Tomsk, Russia.

Currently working as a full stack web developer at Rubius Company. I've got 7 years of web development experience and 3 years of IT-project management experience in both large scale projects, such as developing of the full stack enterprise web-based geographic information systems, and small projects, such as creating websites and landing pages.



I'm as working as a full stack web developer or as a leading software engineer. I can also lead a group of developers: manage team tasks and comply with deadlines.


  • Good vanilla JS knowledge (ES5, ES2015, top 30% on upwork.com).
    Certification and courses:
  • Experienced Dojo (v1.6+) developer
  • AMD and require.js, experienced with creating rich clients and code building/optimization for production
  • Experience in supporting projects on jQuery and ExtJS
  • NodeJS tools: Gulp, Babel, Eslint, Csslint, Csscomb, etc. Familiar with NPM and Bower.
  • HTML5. Developing using modern APIs such as IndexedDB, localStorage, Geolocation, FileAPI, Audio/Video
  • CSS3, top 10% on upwork.com
  • Experience in creating mobile HTML5 apps.


  • Node.js (top 20% on upwork.com), experienced with Express, Koa, MongoDB/Mongoose and their dependencies/additional libs
    Certification and courses:
  • MongoDB (MongoDB for Node.js developers at MongoDB University courses with about 95% score)
  • Can support PHP code (certified as PHP-developer at IT-center of Tomsk state university of control systems and radioelectronics)
  • Experience with Oracle (PL/SQL) and Postgresql (PL/PGSQL)
  • Experience with maps APIs such as Here, OpenLayers, Yandex, Google, etc

Other skills

  • Experience in both leading and developing of projects of different scales such as:
    • web sites
    • landing pages
    • HTML5 apps
    • enterprise geographic information systems
  • Team lead experience for enterprise software development (up to 8 subordinate employees) of succeeded projects.
  • Lots of experience in supporting "legacy" code written by someone else.
  • Can read, understand and implement ideas from technical literature on Russian and English without a dictionary


Some of the projects i've been working on recently.

Seabass code editor

The best code editor for Ubuntu Touch with support for syntax highlighting, autocompletion, autosaving and code beautifying.

Seabass code editor

My tasks:

  • designing UI and making it compatible with phones, tablets and desktops
  • developing from scratch using many awesome Open Source projects and Cordova framework
  • making cross-platform app available for Chrome OS and Ubuntu Touch users
  • fixing bugs and delivering regular updates
  • keeping Cordova for Ubuntu touch framework components updated

WGS4 web-based GIS

GIS for automation of managing University campus. Multi-user web-based system with role-based access control and integration with other University's software systems used to manage students personal data.

WGS4 web-based GIS

My tasks:

  • prototyping and managing requirements
  • designing UI
  • leading the group of 8 developers
  • developing with MapGuide OS and Dojo
  • maintaining production version and providing technical support for end users


Company group's website

cpz-nk.ru front page

  • participating in prototyping with designer
  • developing backend with Node.JS (Koa) and MongoDB
  • developing frontend with HTML5 and vanilla JS (require.js)
  • providing updates and technical support, maintaining production version


Style expert website

julistudio.ru front page

  • prototyping
  • developing frontend with HTML/CSS
  • maintenance and providing updates